CRN Test Center: Thumbs Up for Office 2013 Customer Preview

Review: Excel 2013

Excel 2013 is now fully-touch enabled, allowing finger or hand gestures to navigate through spreadsheets, charts and graphs with one-tap object zoom. The new Excel also contains many of the same interface enhancements as in Word, including touch-mode icons for easy navigation, direct access to web-based storage and social networks for image placement, simplified sharing and online presentation.

There are also some fairly impressive features that simplify database population and report generation. Shown here is Flash Fill, a new feature that addresses the dreaded all-my-imported-data-ended-up-in-a-single-column problem. When such errant imports occur, Flash Fill recognizes the repetitive corrective actions needed to fix them and offers to finish the job for you, automatically moving the data into multiple columns. And, it does this without macros or scripts.

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