10 A+ Back To School Apps

Alarm Xtreme Free: For Android

There are few things more challenging than getting a groggy teenager out of bed in the morning. Alarm Xtreme Free is a free and full-featured customizable alarm clock app that could help make waking up easier. It uses gradually increasing alarm volume for a gentle awakening. The extra large snooze button makes it easy to use, and various snooze settings provide for a personalized touch. The snooze features include setting the snooze to decrease in time, setting a max number of snoozes and shaking the phone to dismiss the alarm, making for a highly customizable alarm clock. And, for those students who have a tendency to keep hitting snooze, Alarm Xtreme Free also offers a setting that requires the user to do math problems before being able to shut off the alarm. What better way to get a student thinking and awake than by not being able to disable the alarm until 23 minus seven has been solved?

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