10 Apps That Make Business Travel Less Stressful

YPmobile: Android And iOS

Sometimes a GPS will not always turn you in the right direction while on the road, so consider using YPmobile for Android and iOS, a free app that provides categorized business listings, menus, hours, directions and user reviews that YPmobile brings straight to a smartphone or other mobile device. What's more, the free app can even find the lowest gas prices in the immediate area. YPmobile can be used to find coffee shops, bars and restaurants, pizza places, banks, hotels, movie theaters, auto mechanics and rentals, hospitals, dentist offices, grocery stores, taxi services and much more. It also can search for local businesses that offer a Wi-Fi hot spot. If a location other than your current one is desired, simply enter an address or zip code to change the search results. The app works over Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G. There could not be a more useful app when traveling in an unfamiliar area.

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