10 Apps That Make Business Travel Less Stressful

WorkSnug: For Android And iOS

Finding a hot spot is easier said than done, especially in an unfamiliar area. WorkSnug for Android and iOS is a free Wi-Fi locator app that can steer you to a snug place to work. Like Word Lens, it also uses the device's camera to superimpose the device's whereabouts, with the exception that the bubbles on the screen now show hot-spot locations, rather than street signs. This technique is called augmented reality. Hot spots pop up with the location's name, address, distance, the venue's atmosphere, coffee quality, power availability and whether it’s free or requires payment. In the corner of the screen, WorkSnug also has a Wi-Fi finder map, a sort of radar simulator that shows hot spots as little dots. App users also can add locations, review existing ones and share their experiences.

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