10 Apps That Make Business Travel Less Stressful

Evernote: For BlackBerry, iOS, Mac OS X And Windows

Business travel usually means meetings, which definitely means that a reliable note-taking method is needed. Evernote for Android and iOS is a free app that can turn a number of devices into an unforgettable memory source. With an easy-to-use interface that provides quick note-taking abilities that can capture memories as audio, attachments or pictures, Evernote automatically syncs every note across all personal devices. Adding titles, description and tags to pictures can help to create a customizable outlet for quick searches and reminders. The search bar makes finding memories easy; by typing in a word or two, the files will appear in a list for easy retrieval. Notes can be shared with contacts or on social networks. Evernote also can access offline data and data that’s been edited from other devices or locked with a passcode.

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