Columbus Day Navigation Apps: 7 GPS Apps That Beat iOS 6 Maps

Waze: Free For Android, iOS

Waze for Android and iOS is one navigation app that Tim Cook and the CRN Test Center agree is one of the best. It's a GPS navigation tool with the main purpose of helping drivers navigate through congested traffic and get an accurate ETA based on information coming in from fellow Waze users, which it refers to as "Wazers." Anytime Waze notices a slow down, or if the driver manually enters news of an accident or hazard, that data is used to update ETAs and provide optimal routes for other Wazers. Waze also accepts hands-free voice commands and delivers turn-by-turn navigation. You can even chat with other Wazers to find out how the road is looking up ahead. Although, don't forget: no texting and driving! We don't want any crashes due to posting or reading Waze pop-up notification while the car is in motion.

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