Windows 8: Five Things To Love, Five Things To Hate

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LOVE: Live Tiles

After using them for a while, we actually like the Live Tiles feature of Windows 8 and can imagine an untold number of ways to use these tiny pieces of screen real estate to display portions of an application's data. We foresee apps emerging for medical and machine monitoring, emergency first responder notifications, intrusion detection and other security applications as well as innumerable others. The interface seems ideal for today's hyperactive computer users, who like to keep tabs on email, social networks, appointments, stock prices, weather, price alerts, Twitter trends and instant messages from friends, family, co-workers and customers. Desktop users with multiple monitors might display Live Tiles on one monitor and productivity apps on another.

The downsides are relatively minor. Each Live Tile draws a little bit of performance, so a system with lots of them might get bogged down. Also, there's apparently no way to turn them all off at once; each has to be right-clicked and disabled individually.

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