Windows 8: Five Things To Love, Five Things To Hate

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Love-Hate Win8

Windows users have experienced a love-hate relationship for decades. There's plenty of love when it doesn't impede productivity, but faces turn red when the screen turns blue. Happily, things have gone a lot less wrong since Windows 7 came along. But, Windows 8 will bring back some hate, as old guards adjust and new adopt.

For testing, the CRN Test Center worked with the release version of Windows 8 Pro on a Dell XPS 12 convertible laptop and an Intel-based Apple MacBook. When comparing the RTM edition with older versions, testers referred to the Windows 8 Release Preview build 8400. To be fair, there are a number of things to love about Microsoft's "reimagined" Windows and not all are about using it on tablets. So here's a look at what we love and what we hate about Windows 8.

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