Windows 8 RTM: What's New In Microsoft's New OS

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'Where's My App?'

For callers with the refrain: "I was working in [app name] and it just disappeared," the first thing to suggest would be that they press ALT-TAB to page through active apps (just as in prior versions of Windows). In addition, a list of running apps can be found by dragging the left edge of the screen inward and then outward again. That pastes thumbnails of all active apps along the left edge of the screen; tap on any app for direct access. By the way, the Windows 8 desktop taskbar behaves in much the same way as that of Windows 7.

In fact, we believe that if it weren't for the Start menu's transmogrification into Start screen, there would be scant few differences between Win7 and Win8 that most people wouldn't call cosmetic or tablet-centric.

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