What You Missed At Microsoft's Build 2012

Cloud Vs. The Browser

Scott Hanselman, principal program manager lead in Microsoft's Developer Division, delivered a hilarious keynote, "Angle Brackets, Curly Braces, One ASP.NET and the Cloud," contrasting the cloud with the browser. The session opened with predictions of the past, including "a world market for no more than five computers," and led into a present in which we can spin up a cloud-based VM running Linux from a single command line at a DOS prompt within Windows. He described a recent trip to his Toyota dealership, at which the dealer told him they were using new systems that he was still getting used to. "So he fires up Windows, fires up IE, and loads some ActiveX shim, which loads Java and a JAR file that launches telnet and a VT100 session into a mainframe. Then the guy says: 'This is so much better than it was.'" The audience roared with laughter.

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