2010 Partner Programs Guide: Distribution Programs

We reached out to distributors to learn the latest information about their programs. Check out their responses, with information about new cloud computing, and green computing initiatives, as well as programs that specialized in such vertical markets as custom systems, health care and government.

10 Keys To The HP-3Com Integration

HP is charting a bold new course in converged networking now that it's completed a $2.7 billion acquisition of 3Com. Here's a play-by-play look at what the channel needs to know right away.

Cloudy Visions: 20 Scenes From Cloud Expo New York

Follow the guests at Cloud Expo as they learn how best to do business in the cloud and as they encounter the sights and sounds of New York.

Cloud Expo: 5 Biggest Benefits Of Cloud Computing

This week, Cloud Expo drew several hundred end users, delegates and others to New York City to check the pulse of cloud computing and where the market stands.

The iPad's DNA: A Brief History Of Tablet Computing

Apple may become the first to crack the tablet computer segment wide open with its new product, but it took the building blocks of many technology pioneers to usher in the iPad Era.

10 Past Cisco Acquisitions Considered

With Cisco's acquisition of videoconferencing stalwart Tandberg completed, we thought it a good time to recap some famous Cisco grabs from the past 10 years and look at how they've affected the company in the years since.

What's Not So Great About the iPad: The 10 Biggest Complaints

Not everyone loves Apple's slick new gadget. In fact, there are quite a few complaints and shortcomings about the iPad.

Not Just Vapor: 15 Cloud Solutions To See At Cloud Expo East, N.Y.

We take a look at 15 cloud computing solutions you'll see on the show floor as Cloud Expo East runs April 19 through April 21 in NYC.

5 Vendors Who Dropped The Ball This Week

For the week ending April 16, Channelweb.com looks at five vendors who brought their 'A' game, as well as five vendors that made questionable moves or were simply asleep at the wheel.

5 Vendors Who Came To Win This Week

For the week ending April 16, Channelweb.com looks at five vendors who brought their 'A' game, as well as five vendors that made questionable moves or were simply asleep at the wheel.

10 Key Vendor Players In The Video Channel

Plenty of vendors dabble in video or video-related collaboration products, but there are a select few vendors who qualify as major video players and for whom any VAR with a video communications practice needs to keep an eye on.

10 Systems and Peripherals The Midmarket Needs Right Now

From iPad to leading edge server technology, here are products that should be considered for deployment in midmarkets and workgroups to drive new business productivity or usage opportunities.

10 Applications The Midmarket Needs Right Now

Here's our take on what we see as some of the leading business applications for midmarket businesses and the solution providers who serve them.

Scenes From Synnex's Varnex Spring Conference, Orlando

Synnex held its Varnex Spring Conference April 11-14. The event brought more than 200 VARs and dozens of vendors to sunny Orlando, where attendees discussed the latest channel issues. Here's a few scenes from the event.

10 Networking Products The Midmarket Needs Right Now

Midmarket customers are often left with either small business-oriented networking products, or watered down versions of enterprise-class gear. Here are 10 products meeting customers' needs in the middle.

7 iPhone Apps That AT&T Probably Loathes

The never-ending parade of iPhone apps that gobble AT&T's 3G network bandwidth has got to be causing insomnia for the carriers' executive leadership. Here we look at 8 representative examples of iPhone apps that AT&T probably wishes would ride away into the sunset and never come back.

10 Data Center Products The Midmarket Needs Right Now

Data centers are no place for the timid, as the requirements for increasing performance, reliability, and management constantly evolve.

Google Docs Updates: A Look Inside

Google updated its cloud-based Google Docs offerings this week adding a host of new features and functions. Here's a look at some of the new capabilities as Google continues to go after Microsoft in the cloud.

10 Scenes From Microsoft's Kin Launch

Following are 10 scenes from Microsoft's Kin launch event in San Francisco that illustrate the software giant's ambitious effort to court a new type of consumer.

10 Storage Products The Midmarket Needs Right Now

The midmarket storage customer needs the sophistication of enterprise-class products and the price and hand-holding more often found in small businesses, and vendors are responding.

VAR500 Roundup: Mphasis Gets Fortify-ed, Capgemini Helps Utilities Turn On, And More

VAR500 companies make acquisitions, fend off lawsuits and -- oh, yes -- offer new services.

10 Companies That Came To Win This Week

Some moves are popular, others not so much. But they're all the types of decisions that could end up paying handsome dividends down the road.

Dark Skies Above: The Top 7 Cloud Computing Security Threats

As cloud computing becomes more ubiquitous, it also opens itself up to potential security issues. Here are the top seven security threats in the cloud, according to a report from the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA).

10 Hot Security Products The Midmarket Needs Right Now

The midmarket is known for its complexity and diversity, but can also create myriad opportunities for channel partners. Here are a few security products that can ease some pain for mid-tier customers.

Tech Vendor Stocks Fight Back In Q1

Twenty-two of 32 technology vendors saw their stocks increase in the first quarter.