Cost Cutting Continues At IT Vendors

The list of IT companies laying off employees and taking other cost-cutting steps is growing rapidly in 2009. The unemployment rate hit 7.2 percent in December, and workforce reductions by EMC, Lenovo and others are a good indicator that number will continue to increase.

Get Connected: 8 New Home Networking Products From CES

A bevy of networking vendors rolled out new gear at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show. Here's a look at the latest gear for the digital home.

Macworld Wish List: 10 Products We Want

Some of them won Best of Show awards and others were shown in obscurity at the farthest reaches of the exhibition hall -- but all of these Macworld offerings from software, hardware and accessories vendors impressed us here at

20 Of The Weirdest, Wackiest Sights From CES 2009

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is normally quite a crowded scene, but the economic situation has had a somewhat dampening influence on this year's event. Still, it wouldn't be CES without bizarre sights and mind-boggling products, and in that regard, CES 2009 definitely didn't disappoint.

10 Pimped Out Rides From CES

Forget about the economic doldrums taking its toll on CES this year. There was certainly no signs of belt tightening in the outrageous rides featured in CES' always popular in-vehicle technology showcase.

The Best (And Worst) Channel Stocks Of 2008

Here are the year's 10 best (and worst) stocks for eight distributors, plus two direct marketers, which often serve as product suppliers for VARs.

Windows 7 Beta: The Upgrade

Microsoft has made its first beta version of Windows 7 available, but if you wanted to test out upgrades from Windows XP to the new OS, you're out of luck -- for now.

Macworld 2009: 15 Bizarre Scenes

Without Apple and a Jobs keynote and the latest, greatest gadget, the 2009 Macworld Conference & Expo might have been a disappointment to some. But those die-hard, glass-half-full Mac enthusiasts persevered, and had a little fun in the process. Here are a few scenes from the show floor.

The 10 Worst-Performing VARBusiness 500 Stocks Of 2008

The average VARBusiness 500's company's stock fell 48.5 percent. But some fell further.

Top 10 Performing VARBusiness 500 Stocks Of 2008

Not every public company's shares suffered in 2008. Here are some top solution providers with stocks on the rise.

20 Eye-Catching Products From Opening Night At CES

Forget about the economic doldrums and the drop in attendance at this year's CES. It's still THE place to see the latest and greatest CE products. Here are 20 from the opening preview that turned heads.

The CES Red Carpet: Must-See Celebs, Musicians & Sports Stars

The latest high-tech gear isn't the only thing to scope out at CES 2009. The Las Vegas show also has become a hub for celebrity guests. Here are 20 high-profile folks hitting the CES circuit this year.

11 Hot Storage Products At Macworld 2009

Visitors to the Macworld 2009 Conference & Expo in San Francisco this week found a wide range of ways to store, back up, restore and protect data.

8 Scenes From A Jobs-Less Macworld Keynote

Apple's pulling out of Macworld and its iconic CEO Steve Jobs didn't deliver the keynote for the first time in years. So how did Phil Schiller do filling the bossman's big shoes?

The 20 Most Innovative New Products At CES

The envelopes please -- the 2009 Honorees for the Innovations Design and Engineering Awards Showcase get their moment in the spotlight at this week's International Consumer Electronics Show.

10 Glimpses From Macworld Expo History

As Apple moves into the home stretch of its final Macworld Expo, ChannelWeb takes a look back at some of the most notable Macworld announcements from years past.

Lenovo Storms CES With New Notebooks, Desktop

Lenovo is unveiling a host of new notebooks and a new all-in-one desktop this week at CES 2009 in Las Vegas. Here's a sneak peek at what Lenovo will showcase.

25 Hot Products To See At CES 2009

With CES 2009 kicking off this week, ChannelWeb is giving you a sneak peek at a host of hot products that will make waves at the Consumer Electronics Showcase. From the strange to the necessary, here are 25 products you shouldn't miss at the show.

Apple After Steve: Five Potential Candidates To Replace Jobs

Apple is making its last appearance at the 2009 Macworld show and Steve Jobs won't even be in attendance. Here are five internal candidates who could take the reins after Jobs steps down.

The 10 Biggest Chip Stories Of 2008

Channelweb looks back at the microprocessor news and developments that made the biggest splash in 2008, in Silicon Valley and beyond.

The 10 Funniest IT Industry Episodes Of 2008

Channelweb looks at IT industry stories from 2008 that elicited peals of unabashed laughter from readers.

IBM Lotus Partner Awards

Which IBM Lotus partners have the most innovative solutions? Check out the winners of the Fifteenth Annual Lotus Awards.

10 Biggest Networking Stories Of 2008

It was a whirlwind year for the networking industry. From high-profile acquisitions and executive departures, to smaller vendors vying for a piece of the Cisco pie and three touch-screen smart phones facing off for touch-screen domination, 2008 had a lot to offer. Here are the 10 biggest networking stories of the year.

HP Launches Mac-Compatible Home Servers

HP launched the newest generation of its MediaSmart Home Servers. The big news? The MediaSmart servers are now Mac-compatible.

The 10 Biggest Storage Stories Of 2008

Acquisitions headlined the news in the storage industry in 2008, helping to define what the next iteration of vendors and their channels will look like in the years ahead, while good news about new technologies and clouds helped cover the bad news that storage growth is slowing.