Nth Generation Computing Scores With End-User Conference

The eighth-annual Technical Symposium by San Diego-based VAR Nth Generation Computing used in-depth content, A-list guest speakers, CESSPools, going NUDE, and belly dancers to draw nearly 300 current and potential clients to a three-day event.

Can You See Me Now? Scientists Further Invisibility Shield Research

Scientists at the University of California, Berkeley have engineered 3-D materials that can reverse the natural direction of visible and near-infrared light.

LinuxWorld Attendees Refurbish Aging PCs For Schools

This volunteer effort at LinuxWorld netted some 750 computers for Alameda County Computer Resource Center.

12 Intriguing Scenes From Black Hat 2008

The Black Hat security conference has never been short on intrigue, and this year's event offered plenty. From security researcher Dan Kaminsky's blockbuster DNS vulnerability presentation, to the Wall Of Sheep shining a light on attendees sending data over insecure wireless connections, the atmosphere was humming with the brainpower of the security industry's best and brightest.

Scenes From Dell's Future Of Computing Road Show

Dell's Future of Computing road shop stopped at Chelsea Piers in New York City where IT professionals got a look at where the company is heading.

18 Weird Scenes From LinuxWorld

From mobile data centers to mechanical bulls, the conference and exhibition offered a mix of hot technologies and downright strange goings-on.

Gadgets To Pack For The Beijing Olympics

Heading for the Olympics? Along with sunscreen, a hat, and toothbrush, the Test Center identifies some helpful and channel-friendly gadgets to enhance the experience.

You Looking At Me? Scientists Develop Electronic-Eye Camera

Quick Clicks: Scientists at Northwestern University have created a tiny eye-shaped camera that can conform to the shape of a human eye.

Sneak Preview of BlackBerry Pearl 8220

Research in Motion's latest BlackBerry, the Pearl 8220, codenamed KickStart, hasn't been released yet, but here's a sneak peek at what's coming.

MSP Mythbusters: Answers To Some Common Misconceptions

A number of myths have gained traction in the channel that may or not turn out to be true. Here, MSPs set the record straight.

Quick Clicks: Lenovo's New IdeaPad S10 Netbook PC

The two-pound starter laptop, unveiled Monday, runs on Intel's Atom processor.

Linux Goes Mobile With New LiMo Handsets

With these seven new devices added to its roster, the open source mobility consortium, the LiMo Foundation is hoping to take Linux mobile to a whole new level and rival Google Android and the Symbian Foundation.

State And Local Government VARs From The 2008 CRN Fast Growth 100

These 20 VARs are enjoying success by fulfilling the needs of state and local governments.

ChannelWeb Law and Order: 10 Recent (Alleged) Tech-Related Crimes

From Gary McKinnon, a UK hacker who just lost his extradition hearing, to Terry Childs, the San Francisco network administrator accused of holding the city's network hostage, the tech world is a sketchy place. Here are some recent examples of alleged crimes involving technology or the people that work in the industry.

10 Smallest Companies Of The 2008 CRN Fast Growth 100

These solution providers are small but expanding at growth rates that will make your head spin.

12 Hot Products To See At LinuxWorld

Linux devotees will gather at San Francisco's Moscone Center Aug. 4-7 to see everything from cool hand-held devices to data center-class servers -- and the open-source software to run them.

VARs See Healthcare Challenges Up Close

Avnet Technology Solutions organized a unique hands-on internship for nearly two dozen VARs last month in which the group got a behind-the-scenes look at how a hospital operates.

Top 10 Revenue Producers Of The 2008 CRN Fast Growth 100

Despite all challenges, these solution providers from the 2008 CRN Fast Growth 100 really brought home the bacon.

Peak Uptime Plugs Education Into The Future

A solution provider has over the years helped turn a rural Oklahoma school district into a showcase of how modern technology can be turned into an educational tool.

Changing Of The Guard: The Faces Of Juniper's New Executive Team

Here we take a look at the changing face of Juniper's executive landscape and highlight five noteworthy changes that recently -- or are just about to -- happen.

10 Cool Network Infrastructure Products

From IP video servers to open-source wireless routers, here are 10 cool network infrastructure products the channel can sell right now.

A Look at Dell's Latest Studio Hybrid and Inspiron PCs

Designed for the consumer market, Dell launched its Studio Hybrid PC, Inspiron 13 notebook and Inspiron 518 desktop computers on Tuesday.

13 Fast Growth Government VARs

These VARs from the 2008 CRN Fast Growth 100 have found their niche fulfilling government needs.

9 VARs Reveal Their Secrets For Fast Growth

Rapid growth is an illusive goal solution providers would love to achieve. Here, execs from nine VARs give their perspectives on how they do it.

Juniper's OS Turns 10

Juniper's JUNOS software, the operating system that powers its networking gear, turned 10 this month. From the M40 and the T-series to the J-series and the new EX-series Ethernet switches, we take a look at a few pivotal moments in JUNOS's first decade.