10 Networking Predictions For 2010

It's crystal ball time. Here's what we think the immediate future holds for the networking and infrastructure channel, from growth in areas like UC and cloud to which vendors to keep a sharp eye on.

Predictions For 2010 From The VAR 500

VAR 500 solution providers forecast the tech landscape for 2010.

Top 10 Security Predictions For 2010

Not that we can predict the future, but security threats seem to be heating up for the New Year, with new attacks on Android, Facebook and Windows 7 recently launched by new armies of skilled and sophisticated cybercriminals. Here are our Top 10 security predictions for 2010.

10 Microsoft Predictions For 2010

With a new version of Windows fresh on the market and a looming wave of product launches, 2010 will be an even more hectic year than usual for Microsoft. Following are 10 predictions for moves and developments that will shape the various conversations of which Microsoft is currently a part.

Public Sector Push: The IT ChannelVision Government Confab

Everything Channel's December public sector conference brought integrators, analysts, vendor executives and public sector pundits to Boca Raton to talk procurement, contracting, cybersecurity and stimulus. Here's what they saw.

2010 State Of The Market: 10 Things You Need To Know

Security, managed services and cloud computing are high on the minds of solution providers heading into 2010, according to CRN's 2010 State of the Market survey. Here's a look at some of the findings.

The 10 Biggest Cisco Stories Of 2009

Cisco turned up the heat this year on a number of fronts: bolstering channel programs, unveiling a server and bold data center strategy, and stepping into the ring with HP, once a friend, now a foe. Who said it was a slow year in San Jose?

The 10 Biggest IBM Stories Of 2009

As one of the biggest IT industry (and IT channel) players, IBM makes a lot of waves -- and a lot of news -- with almost everything it does. From critical moves in its channel operations, to its responses to the recession and the changing economy, to the arrest of a key executive, 2009 was no exception.

Women of the Channel Offer Career Advice

At a recent Women of the Channel workshop, high-level executives from solution providers and vendors, as well as women looking for counsel in building their careers got together to network and share advice.

10 Biggest Apple Stories Of 2009

While most IT vendors spent 2009 trying to stay afloat, Apple sailed through the recessionary seas unscathed. But it was far from a carefree year for Apple, which dodged questions about CEO Steve Jobs' health and dealt with controversies related to AT&T and the iPhone. Here we look at the 10 Apple stories that had the biggest impact on the company's fortunes.

15 Holiday Phishing Attacks

As holiday spirit shifts into overdrive, phishers and spammers are playing "secret Santa" by launching stealthy malware attacks exploiting all that Christmas cheer. Here are a few threats to watch this holiday season.

The Best Products Of 2009

Amid a backdrop of the worst economic conditions in a lifetime, selecting 2009's best products was a challenging -- and rewarding -- task.

The 10 Biggest Public Sector Channel Stories Of 2009

A new administration, the stimulus and the cloud are just a few of the stories that kept public sector VARs and integrators on their toes this year. Here's a look back at the year in the public sector channel.

The 10 Biggest Dell Stories of 2009

Amidst declining hardware sales, Dell focused on a major acquisition, enhanced partnerships and vastly expanded offerings for its channel program to help keep the company moving forward.

The 10 Biggest HP Stories Of 2009

In the most challenging year of our lifetimes, what did technology's biggest company do to weather the recessionary storm -- and will all the cost-cutting, consolidation and Cisco-baiting prepare Hewlett-Packard for a rebound in 2010?

The 10 Biggest Channel Stories of 2009

From scandals to mergers to executive job-hopping, here's a look at the stories that kept solution providers talking about the goings on in the channel.

The 10 Biggest Microsoft Stories Of 2009

Microsoft's ride through the choppy economic seas has been rougher than most: Even the perpetually optimistic Steve Ballmer has called it the toughest economic environment Microsoft has ever faced. But this year has also seen many positive stories come to light for Microsoft. Here we look at 10 stories that best capture the ups and downs of Microsoft's 2009.

The 10 Biggest Cloud Computing Stories Of 2009

With everyone from big companies such as IBM, Cisco and Microsoft to startups like Ctera and Doyenz jumping on the bandwagon, it's no surprise that cloud computing was the biggest "megatrend" this year. Here are the top cloud computing stories of 2009.

The 10 Big Stories Of 2009

From the launch of Windows 7 to the rise of cloud computing to a huge insider trading scandal, here's a look at the stories that kept Channelweb.com readers intrigued throughout the year.

The 10 Biggest Storage Stories Of 2009

Convergence, consolidation and competition characterized the storage industry and channel in 2009 as HP and Cisco squared off over the future of the data center, EMC and NetApp fought about the future of dedupe, and everyone looked at ways to consolidate.

The Top 10 Chip Stories Of 2009

From Intel and AMD's historic antitrust settlement to the rise of GPU computing, we look back at the biggest stories in silicon from the past year.

The Top 10 Security Stories Of 2009

While 2009 marked a year of new attacks and new targets, it also brought rejuvenated awareness about cybersecurity issues and a continued commitment by vendors to the channel. Here are some of the biggest security stories of the last 12 months.

The 10 Biggest Networking Stories Of 2009

From Cisco and HP squaring off, to the consolidation of the video market, the battle for net neutrality and the channel concerns of Avaya-Nortel, it's been a wild year in this space.

Storage: Top 10 Backup and Recovery Software Vendors

Backup and recovery software is one of the backbones of the business of any storage solution provider. Partners in a recent Channelweb.com survey picked their top 10 backup and recovery software vendors according to how well their products met customers' business needs.

The Most Innovative Products Of 2009

Each year, innovative technology products emerge that influence the way we work and play. CRN and Everything Channel selected some of the best of these products in key areas from 2009.