HP's Autonomy Mishap: From High Expectations To High Anxiety

Feb. 14, 2012: Autonomy--A Unique Asset

Autonomy's Lynch told CRN that the "reason Autonomy was so valuable is it's a unique asset. There's nothing out there that has the ability to understand the meaning of human-friendly information. It's 90 percent of the information that's out there, and it's all the interesting stuff. If you're going to find a fraud, you'll find it in email." Customers, he said, "don't live their lives in rows and columns. They don't sense database tables -- they call you up, they tweet, they come to WorkSite [Autonomy's document and e-mail management solution] and that's all unstructured information. There's been an explosion of video, Voice over IP -- this is all about understanding that information. No one else does that. Most of HP's competitors have to license that technology from HP."