Seven Windows 8 Workarounds

3. Kill 'Live Apps'

Windows 8 by default makes itself the launcher of pretty much all files. So, for those of us who prefer to hang out in Desktop mode, double-clicking an image and getting Win8's "Photo" instead of WinEverythingElse's "Paint" gets old real fast. To make Win8 stay in Desktop mode, simply right-click (or long-tap) a file and reassign the default program in the menu that appears. To change file associations in bulk, simply visit the Default Programs Control Panel (shown) and change the desired settings. Until you get all the file types hammered down, the Start key will toggle between Desktop and Metro screens, and Start-D combo will show and hide Desktop windows alternatively. The exception here is for Start Menu X users, in which case Start-D toggles the Start Menu as in Windows 7. To quit a Live App, just press ALT-F4 (as in Win7) or grab it (or tap with a fingertip) at the top-center and drag it downward off the screen.

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