Seven Windows 8 Workarounds

5. Pinterests

As in Win7, Win8 allows commonly used app icons to be pinned here and there for quick access. A Tile is created in the Metro screen for each app that's installed; long-tap a Tile to rearrange it. When big adjustments to the Metro screen itself are needed, simply pinch to shrink so that all Tiles are visible in a single screen. Then rearrange as needed. To pin an app to the Search Charm, use the Search Charm to search for it. When it appears under the search bar, right-click it and select "Pin." For the Desktop, the best way to pin an app to the Taskbar is to right-click it when it's running and select "Pin to Taskbar." To create a Tile for a Desktop app in Metro, right-click the app's Desktop icon and select "Pin to Start."

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