How To Make An iOS App Run On Windows 8

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Win8-iOS Common Ground

Apps made for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch are similar to those made for Windows 8 Runtime, formerly code-named Metro. Firstly, apps for either platform are designed from birth for touch, so most of the touch-related heavy lifting is already done. Both use simple, task-oriented apps with animation and direct manipulation. Code tweaks will tie gestures to Win8-specific functions. Metro apps can be written in C/C++, Visual Basic and even JavaScript. But, according to Hillegass, iOS's Objective C will tie more closely to C#. "C# is an unsurprising language," he said. Both have real garbage collection. As for XIB vs. XAML, "iOS developers use the GUI builder in Apple's Xcode to create XIB files." Win8's XAML is similar. "It's XML that describes how objects will be created, but it's different in that it follows a cascading style sheets idea," which simplifies design changes. "For example, you can create a warning style with big red letters and use it anywhere in the app. It makes it easier to keep the UI consistent." Apps on both sides can parse XML, communicate with networks and consume the same Web services. Some important differences are covered next.


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