10 Must-Have Productivity Apps

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Utter! Voice Commands For Android (Beta)

When in a rush, there isn't any time to waste. Smartphone users can save time using voice control with Utter! Voice Commands (Beta) for Android, a free app that's currently being developed by independent developer Ben Randall. Although it is still in beta, Utter! is quite an impressive tool.

Using highly optimized voice algorithms, this app uses simplified voice commands to quickly execute tasks, answer questions, search the Internet, even to check spelling or the weather. Utter! even provides the status of the phone's battery and can command the phone to boot into recovery mode. Unlike Apple's Siri for iOS, which uses its own functionality to address commands, Utter! provides a custom and personalized experience by responding to commands using installed applications based on user preferences. One problem we ran into was that the app sometimes requires a specific phrase to fulfill a command.

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