10 Must-Have Productivity Apps

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MyScript Calculator For Android, iOS

While this app won't replace math education, it will certainly help to make math problems easier. Instead of punching buttons, simply use MyScript Calculator to draw a mathematical problem on the screen as if it were a piece of paper. The free app for Android and iOS interprets what is written and does the number-crunching. Developed by digital writing solution provider Vision Objects, this app uses quality handwriting recognition technologies to convert handwriting to digital text.

This app uses basic and advanced math operations, including those from trigonometry and other disciplines. A user can even solve missing variables by placing a question mark as the variable or erase mistakes by simply scratching them out. We noticed that when writing out a problem, the user must write from left to right instead of top to bottom. Otherwise, it won't extend the problem and will create random fractions. Nonetheless, MyScript Calculator is an efficient and genius app.

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