Tablet Wars: Ubuntu Gets In The Game

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Canonical Convergence

On the heels of its smartphone edition launch at CES, Canonical this week unveiled the all new Ubuntu for tablets, a version of the popular Linux distro that CEO Mark Shuttleworth described as offering "a unique UI experience and convergence between form factors that lets you run tablet and phone apps on the same screen at the same time." In a news conference on Tuesday, Shuttleworth largely parroted the company's slick six-minute 'Ubuntu for tablets' video promoting the new operating system and its features.

The revelation is bad news for Samsung, whose Galaxy Note 10.1 could lose its status as the only non-Windows tablet with multitasking. But, free and open competition is good for markets, right? And, Ubuntu offers multiple advantages that position Canonical as a premium provider of secure, stable, enterprise-tested operating systems for devices from cell phone to server.

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