Tablet Wars: Ubuntu Gets In The Game

One Binary, Many Devices

At the heart of Canonical's convergence message is a core operating system, which Shuttleworth said deploys as a single binary, adapts to target hardware and presents the optimal experience on all Ubuntu platforms. "It's exactly the same code base for TV, PC, phone and tablet [and it] is unique in the industry," said the Ubuntu founder. "That means developers can write a single app binary that will declare which form factor it will support and [set it] to run on any device." That too is unique, he claimed, adding that he has seen "strong signals" that competitors will be heading in this direction. "We're delighted to spearhead this powerful convergence story," he said. Shuttleworth also stressed that apps built for Ubuntu for tablets will work with the smartphone version using the same binaries, and vice versa. "The work we've done to shrink the OS has had good consequences."

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