Tablet Wars: Ubuntu Gets In The Game

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Enterprise Security

Ubuntu's value to the enterprise is compelling. "The security underpinnings of Ubuntu on tablets is identical to the security of server and cloud installations," said Shuttleworth, who's also Canonical's VP of products. That means that the same encryption is in use when targeting mobile devices as when deployed on servers. "By default, you can create separate apps and users in the tablet," as shown here on the welcome screen, which also includes a guest access account. "We expect adoption in the enterprise to include multiple users on a single tablet, which is passed around in office, the factory floor, among military personnel." Ubuntu includes per-user and full-disk encryption and data protection. "This too is unique. And because it's Ubuntu, it uses the same tools used everywhere else." Device-to-device sharing is now a standard service on all Ubuntu devices and major carrier networks, Shuttleworth said. "Any app can share content easily without losing focus."


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