8 Start Menu Replacements For Windows 8


Start8 is another fantastic Start menu replacement app by Stardock. Start8 comes with several styles and can be configured to control what's on the Start menu. Its font, icon size and color are customizable as well. The Start menu can be either the classic Windows 7 style or the Windows 8 style, which incorporates the Metro apps into the menu. A custom image can even be uploaded for the Start button. Besides folders for documents and pictures, shortcuts and recently used applications can be chosen to appear on the menu's bottom, right-hand side. Through settings, options for desktop and Metro UI apps can be adjusted. If there is no Windows key on the left of your keyboard, there are alternative key mappings. Unlike other Start menu replacements, Start8 is conveniently pinned to the Metro Start page. There is also the option to automatically start up to the desktop when starting Windows. It would be more preferable if the Start menu didn't automatically import all programs onto the left side. Manual organization for the miscellaneous programs is necessary to pick and choose what to pin/unpin. Start8 costs $4.99 after the 30-day free trial period.

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