8 Start Menu Replacements For Windows 8


With RetroUI, there's no need to go from Metro to Desktop to access the Start menu; it's always available in both. The Start menu is on the taskbar and is visible even when running the Metro Start page at the same time. Created by software developer Thinix, RetroUI is a Start menu replacement app that brings us back to yesteryear. After choosing from a 32- or 64-bit download, right-click the taskbar, select toolbars and click the RetroUI Start button to place it in the left corner. On the left column of the Start menu, Metro apps, news, Google and Facebook are pinned to the list, and on the right column are documents, pictures, downloads and control panel folders. There is also the option to opt out of the Metro Start page for Windows 8 and go straight to RetroUI's Start menu to remove hot corners. What's also interesting about RetroUI is its ability to run Windows 8 apps in a resizable window rather than taking up the entire screen. It can easily be closed out. RetroUI costs $4.99 a year for up to three hosts per license. There's also a 7-day free trial.

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