8 Start Menu Replacements For Windows 8

Classic Shell

Classic Shell lives up to its name. Developed by independent programmer Ivo Beltchev, Classic Shell is a free Start menu app for Windows 7 or Windows 8. It was first publicly released in November 2009 as a Vista enhancement, and now as a Windows 8 Start menu substitute, it isn't disappointing. For the style of the Start menu, choose from Windows Classic, XP and Vista/7. There are also seven different skins to choose from and preview. The Start menu will pop up with just the hit of the Windows key on the keyboard, while pressing the shift key and clicking the Start button will bring it back to Metro start. Similar to other Start menu apps, organizing applications is easy; files can be dragged and pinned to the Start Menu. In two separate menus, Windows 8 apps and other programs are divided. The left pane includes documents, pictures, recent items, control panel and shutdown options. Once again, this Start menu replacement has the option to skip Metro screen upon start up. This is one solution to help get used to Windows 8 while maintaining the fluidity and ease of a Start menu.

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