CRN Exclusive: 20 Tough Big Data Questions For Pivotal's Paul Maritz

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What is your strategy with regard to working with new emerging developers and partners?

As with all [new] things, you try and work with thought leaders initially. You don't want to go to the people who have inherent resistance or inertia. You want to go to people who get it. And then nothing succeeds like success. So you want to work with people who get this and then show "Look here is the case where it is really yielding transformative benefits."

This isn't going to happen overnight, but I do believe this is as big a shift as the big shift from mainframe to client server. This is a new era that is starting. If you were a VAR who was a reseller of mainframe services and you are stuck on that, you probably went out of business and missed the whole client server revolution. And, new people who kind of got client server rose up.

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