Paul Maritz's 10 Commandments Of Big Data

1. Pivotal Is The Operating System For The Cloud

It's bold and brash but it is Maritz's view of Pivotal as the operating system for the cloud that separates the company from any and all comers in the big data market. "If infrastructure as a service is the new hardware, we are the new OS on top of it," says Maritz. That is a blockbuster statement and Maritz does not use the word OS (operating system) lightly. But it's just what the big data market needs to unleash a new era of big data business applications and services innovation. Maritz, by the way, has built application ecosystems before for both PCs and client server networks. It requires a leader like Maritz with knowledge of how to build support among application developers, solution providers and third-party companies looking to score big in the big data applications and services era.

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