Paul Maritz's 10 Commandments Of Big Data

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2. Cloud Independence: No Cloud Lock-In Here

Maritz is determined not to let the next generation of computing be defined by cloud lock-in. At the heart of Maritz's Pivotal vision is a cloud-independent platform that will allow big data applications and services to run on all the top infrastructure-as-a-service platforms from Microsoft Azure to Amazon Web Services. "We have a layer called Cloud Foundry that allows you to in some sense virtualize the cloud," says Maritz. "So you can write your apps and not care about whether it is running on Amazon or Azure or VMware or whatever. And we think that is very important because we don't want this world to be like the bad old days of the mainframe: When you wrote a COBOL CICS app, you were condemned to pay IBM a tax for all eternity. We don't want to make it so when you write an app in Amazon you are condemned to pay Amazon a tax for all eternity."


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