Paul Maritz's 10 Commandments Of Big Data

3. Follow The Big Data Lead Of Google, Amazon And Facebook

Maritz says succeeding in the big data business applications and services era means taking a good look at what Internet disruptors did and then putting the same basic principles to work for business applications. "They are the ones who have really been delivering a post-paper experience if you like," says Maritz. "What you can do in Amazon you couldn't have done with a traditional mail-order catalog. There is something radically different about the way they do it. Facebook is beyond what you can do with paper-based mail, etc. It is a different experience. So, increasingly enterprises and businesses are going to have to figure out ways to either deliver those experiences or participate in those kinds of experiences. And that is really what is going to drive the change going forward. At the end of the day, what drives the whole IT industry is the applications and the data that underlies those applications."

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