Paul Maritz's 10 Commandments Of Big Data

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9. Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) Is Key To Big Data Success

One of Pivotal's first product shots across the bow of the big data market is Pivotal HD, a new Apache Hadoop open source big data distribution aimed at making Hadoop queries as easy as SQL database queries. Maritz, for his part, calls Pivotal HD a "future-generation architecture product" that brings "scale-out query capability" to HDFS. "The data fabrics are radically changing," says Maritz. "They are going to go from being monolithic to being stratified and based on HDFS. So that is one big change that is occurring in the industry. And, it is all about enabling this issue of let's get more of our data and more types of data in one place, and then have different ways to access it rather than balkanizing the data all over the place."


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