10 Best Apps For Traveling This Summer


Social media has changed the ways of connecting and communicating. Now it's changing the way navigation works with Waze. For Android and iOS, this free GPS navigation app helps users avoid traffic jams. When there's traffic in the way, Waze will guide a driver by finding the best possible route, and it provides an accurate ETA based on other Waze users, also known as "Wazers." By simply turning the app on before driving and plugging in the address, Waze will track how traffic is flowing. If the vehicle slows down, Waze will ask if the user is stuck in traffic. So whether there is an accident or other type of stoppage, Waze will let users know what's up ahead. Wazers will also warn users if there is a police trap. This navigation app delivers voice commands and turn-by-turn directions. Waze is easy to use and great for vacationers, commuters and any other busy traveling professional.

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