10 Best Apps For Traveling This Summer


Not every aspect of traveling is exciting, and the long and winding road there can sometimes be a bit boring. Rather than napping or staring out the window, stay preoccupied with Pocket. Developed by Web app designer Nate Weiner, this app for Android, iOS and Kindle Fire devices is a bookmarking tool that stores the latest news, videos and articles. An Internet connection is usually required to pull up articles; however, Pocket stores online content to be read offline. The articles can be bookmarked from a Web browser, emailed to a Pocket account or saved directly from other services like Twitter, Flipboard and Zite. When ready to read, there is a queue of all the saved articles. Photos are also included to give a more multimedia feel. This magazine-like app is great whether traveling on a plane, train, or bus or even when stuck in a hotel without Internet.


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