15 Takeaways From Microsoft's Financial Analyst Meeting

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Microsoft Business Snapshot

We don't break our business down too often for you by customer segment. But if you look at our business and the makeup of the company today, well over 55 percent of the business is enterprise, and additionally, there's some OEM business there that belongs in enterprise, but that's how we count it and market it. Nineteen percent is OEM. Twenty percent is consumer and online. And, a fair piece of the OEM is also consumer and online. And, 6 percent is our small and midsize business. And then when you look at that full picture, as a segment, it's really telling of where we've got a lot of strength, and it's complemented with our consumer presence. On the product side, again, the Office division is the biggest division in the company at 35 percent of our overall total. Server and tools is second at 26 percent. Windows is third now at 25 percent. Entertainment and Devices is 13 percent. Bing and online at 4 percent. So you can see the shape and transition of our business on this particular chart that Windows is now the third-largest business in the company.

-- Microsoft COO Kevin Turner

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