8 Reasons To Upgrade To Windows 8.1

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Unified Wallpaper

Windows 8.1 permits the same background image that's on the desktop to also be used on the Start screen. Such a cosmetic change might seem minor, but it makes switching between the desktop and Start screen visually seamless. It's almost as if "Metro" never even existed (we should be so lucky). The image here shows the Start screen and Desktop (inset) with nearly identical background colors.

Setting this up is done through a new control panel called Taskbar and Navigation (more on this later). It doesn't get a Tile by default, so the fastest way to find it is by typing "Taskbar" from the Start screen. Open the panel and click on the Navigation tab. There you'll find a checkbox for "Show my desktop background on Start." It's greyed in the Enterprise edition that CRN used for testing, so instead of matching the images, we just picked the same solid background color. Now there's far less uneasiness toggling between the Desktop and the Start screen; it all seems like one big operating system.

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