8 Reasons To Upgrade To Windows 8.1

All Apps View

Microsoft provides another way to dull the differences between Win7 and Win8, by allowing the Start screen to default to Apps view instead of Tiles. In this view, apps can be sorted alphabetically or by date installed, or they can be grouped by most/least used (shown) or a fixed set of categories similar to the default folders of the Start Menu of olde. This too is set up through the Navigation tab of the new Taskbar and Navigation control panel. The checkbox for this is labeled "Show the Apps view automatically when I go to Start." Interestingly, a sub-checkbox under this option instructs Windows 8.1 to "search everywhere instead of just my apps when I search from the apps view." This partially addresses a search limitation of Win8 the Test Center identified in October 2012, but it still excludes system files from searches here.

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