13 Hot Big Data Products From This Week's Hadoop World

Revolution Analytics Debuts R Enterprise 7

Revolution Analytics unveiled the next generation of its data analytics platform powered by the R programming language. Revolution R Enterprise 7 (RRE 7) features a new "write once, deploy anywhere" function that allows businesses to utilize a variety of data management platforms such as Hadoop and second-generation data warehouses. That marks the first time RRE can operate directly within a Hadoop environment.

The new release also provides a library of prebuilt, parallelized versions of common statistical and predictive analytical algorithms that are within the Hortonworks and Cloudera Hadoop platforms and Teradata database. That allows data scientists to build predictive models, such as the regression tree (shown), inside Hadoop or Teradata databases without the need to move big data files to a separate server. RRE 7 is also now integrated with Alteryx strategic analytics software.


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