HP Autonomy GM: 15 Reasons HP Autonomy-IDOL OnDemand Beats IBM Watson

Autonomy Is Focused On Ramping Up The Innovation Lifecycle

We have really focused on straightforward things: we focused on making customers successful. That matters to us more than anything else. We have got to make partners part of the way we operate and just not an add-on. They need to be intuitively part of the way we operate. We have got to get the innovation lifecycle in this business really running hard. I am a great believer that software businesses live or die on their ability to actually innovate. Sometimes that is a rejuvenation of an existing product. Sometimes it is creating new products. There is no room in this business for people who say, 'I have a great software portfolio, it is throwing off massive maintenance revenues, I don't need to do anything.' It is just not true.

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