7 Young VARs To Watch

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Founder, Primary Support Solutions

Parisella's goal is to help organizations determine how they can maximize their technical efficiency, and to implement the necessary processes to achieve this efficiency resulting in bottom-line benefits. On top of that, Parisella (pictured with wife Cathy) strives to make his New York-based company a great place to work -- vowing not to do any of the things his bosses used to do that drove him nuts.

On social networking: "My eyes have been opened recently. I never got into Facebook, maybe because I didn't go to college. I figured, 'Who do I need to get in touch with that I don't already?' Still, I joined LinkedIn, and in three weeks you can have 160 connections I didn't know how many people I knew. I pulled up old managers, and 17 recommended me unsolicited. There is 100 percent of value here for business. It also helps me keep up with change, and reminds me to stay in touch with certain people. For example, a headhunter [who once got me a job] will become my client, now that we are back in touch." [READ MORE]

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