UMPCs Generate Buzz At CES

Intel CEO Paul Otellini evangelized for a 'proactive, personal Internet' accessible via pocket-size PCs in his keynote at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas earlier this week. And now that Moore's Law has had a solid four decades to make such a thing possible, OEMs like Samsung and OQO are leading the field with ultra-mobile personal computers (UMPCs) and mobile Internet devices (MIDs) that cost a pretty penny but pack a fully functional PC punch.

Here Otellini provides a visual of just how far the miniaturization of transistors has come since Intel founder Moore first declared his law. Holding up a marble to represent a nanometer, he points out that by comparison a meter would be the size of the planet Earth. Point taken, but it would have been funnier to see Otellini try to palm 45 marbles.