2008 Channel Champions


It looks like all that money Oracle spent acquiring companies like PeopleSoft, J.D. Edwards and Siebel Systems is paying off. Oracle is the Channel Champions 2008 winner in the category of enterprise business software suites, edging out Microsoft and handily beating SAP AG.

Oracle's high technical criteria scores are what put the vendor over the top. Oracle's technical satisfaction rating was 83.2, a significant lead over Microsoft's 81.0 rating and a surprisingly wide advantage over SAP's 74.8 score. Oracle beat Microsoft and SAP in almost every technical criteria, including product quality and reliability, scalability, configurability and customization tools, and support for multivendor products and standards. Only in price for performance did Microsoft have a higher score -- and by a wide margin at that, 80.0 to Oracle's 74.7. [READ MORE]

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