Toy Store's VoIP Solution Is 'All Business'

When Sheri and Eli Gurock opened the first branch of Magic Beans in Brookline, Mass., in 2004, they had modest hopes for their store: an outlet for high-end toys and baby gear targeted to modern parents that were willing to spend a bit more for the good stuff.

Sheri and Eli saw explosive growth in their first two years, fueled by a palpable buzz in the Boston area and by Sheri's store- and parenting-related blog called Spilling the Beans, so they opened additional Magic Beans outlets in Hingham, Mass. and Wellesley, Mass. They also have a Dedham, Mass. location set for 2009.

Now, as in then, the Gurocks are all over the place, shuttling between three retail locations, a warehouse, and home (they are new parents). Needing to be in constant contact with each store -- and be available for important calls as if they were physically at any location at any time -- Sheri and Eli chose Avaya's IP Office to meet their rapidly expanding infrastructure needs.

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