10 Demo-Tested Companies To Watch

Demo Conference executive producer Chris Shipley kicks off Demofall 08 in San Diego. The most recent edition of Demo ran from Sept. 7-9 and featured 72 companies, each presenting their new technology products and services in the six-minute demos that are the lifeblood of the conference.

In her keynote, Shipley spoke at length about "the Web 2.0 cycle," opining that the current notoriety-driven "Social Web" period will soon to come to an end, giving way to a new cycle she dubbed "the Distributed Web" that will bring well-known but non-mainstream social networking innovations developed in the Social Web stage to a mass market, with an attendant revenue explosion.

In the following pages, ChannelWeb looks at some of the most interesting companies showcasing new products and services at Demofall.

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