How Tech Companies Fared On Wall Street's Wild Week

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The Dow Jones and Nasdaq indices continued to fall on Friday, setting lows that haven't been seen in more than five years. A sampling of 20 bellwether vendors, distributors and VAR 500 solution providers resulted in an average stock drop of 15.2 percent at the close of the market Oct. 10, compared to the Oct. 3 closing price for each company.

During that same period, the Nasdaq index fell 15.3 percent while the Dow fell 18.2 percent. It seems the technology sector fared slightly better than the overall average, but in many regards that's akin to being the best swimmer on the Titanic.

Only one of the 20 stocks increased during that time. Here's a closer look at how the 20 companies fared this week, from the worst performer to the best.

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