The Top 25 Executives Of 2008

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1. Mark Hurd, Chairman and CEO, Hewlett-Packard

In an industry full of hype and hot air, Hurd is the real deal. He focuses squarely day in and day out on making improvements in the business that either take costs out or drive sales. He's the ultimate operations-oriented CEO. And he gets the channel, every nook and cranny of it. Not just the view from the ivory tower, but the rough and tumble goings on in the sales trenches.

He's not about ego and image. He's all about results. What a refreshing change after the ever image-conscious Carly Fiorina. This one-time Florida native won a tennis scholarship and even tried his hand for a while on the pro tennis circuit. We like to think of him as the high-tech industry's answer to Roger Federer. Think HP is done reinventing itself? Think again. Hurd is at the helm. [read more]

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