10 Keys To The Avaya-Nortel Integration

Avaya closed its acquisition of Nortel's enterprise business on Dec. 18, and earlier this week confirmed the integrated product roadmap it will carry -- and use for Avaya and Nortel VARs -- going forward. Of note is the decision by Avaya to maintain Nortel's data portfolio -- a major addition to its practice that will help it even more effectively compete against Cisco. The blending of the channel also represents a change in Avaya's overall indirect business, and should help Avaya, as CEO Kevin Kennedy (left), suggested in October, reach 85 percent or more indirect sales within three years.

The combination of two legacy channels, however, means several changes and plenty of training. Here are the 10 things to know about the Avaya-Nortel road map, Avaya's channel ambitions, and what questions about its services, distributors and other market segments still remain.

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