25 Technology Thought Leaders For 2010

Paik, known as the father of HDTV, oversees 14,000 engineers doing development on everything from LG smartphones to TVs. One example of LG’s technical prowess is the recent introduction of “the world’s thinnest display,” a 2.6mm-thick LCD. The LG Extreme Slim display boasts a 42-inch screen with 120Hz refresh rate and full 1080p resolution. The new LCD weighs less than 8.8 pounds, so it’s thin and light. But our favorite from Paik’s engineering army is the stylish and powerful LG Blu-ray NAS N4B1N, which combines the network connectivity and capacity of a NAS device with the flexibility of Blu-ray backup capability. The marriage of Blu-ray, which has to this point been largely a consumer multimedia technology, with NAS is an approach that very few, if any, technology companies besides LG could have pulled off.

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