VAR500 2010: Five Big Names That Have Been Snapped Up

Perot Systems

Dell struck the deal to buy the Plano, Tex.-based information technology services provider on Sept. 21, 2009 — after years of considering the move. The $3.9 million deal puts Dell in an enviable position as both a hardware supplier and solutions provider. One big reason Dell may have chosen to act now and scoop up Perot is that Congress is set to appropriate some $36 billion dollars to spread the adoption of electronic medical records. Reportedly, roughly half of Perot's $2.8 billion in annual revenue is derived from health care projects. Perot came in at No. 51 on the 2009 VAR500 and at No. 46 on the 2010 VAR500, which will be it's last year on the list as an independent company.


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