COMDEXvirtual: 10 Key Takeaways From Day 2

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Help CIOs Become Indispensible SMQ-8211-SMQ Rather Than Replaceable

The role of the CIO in today's business world has changed drastically, according to Niel Nickolaisen, vice president of strategy and innovation at Energy Solutions. "We used to be primarily involved with data processing, but now it's become a much more strategic role," he said during his COMDEXvirtual keynote.

Nickolaisen, who previously served as CIO in roles for companies such as Headwaters, Deseret Book, and Franklin Covey, believes today's CIOs should become more of a "strategic enabler" and concentrate on their businesses' "differentiating activities" that generate the most economic return rather than spending time on so-called "mission critical" systems spread out across the IT infrastructure. To that end, Nickolaisen said VARs should focus on their customers' core businesses and target markets and look at for solutions that improve those specific areas when approaching CIOs today.

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