COMDEXvirtual: 10 Key Takeaways From Day 2

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Amateur Hackers Are Now Professional Cybercriminals

The IT security landscape has changed quite a bit over the last decade, and instead of contending with curious, amateur hackers who break security safeguards for sport, companies must now contend with sophisticated cybercriminals who are bent on stealing money, personal data, intellectual property and anything else they can get their hands on. Hugh Thompson, chief security strategist for People Security, said during his COMDEXvirtual presentation that companies need to understand the motivations of today's cybercriminal in order to build the proper security infrastructure.

"Most attackers aren't evil or insane; they just want something," Thompson said. "Ten years ago, most attackers were evil or insane, especially those things that were done for fame. It wasn't towards some financial goal. Today, that's changed."

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