Steve Jobs: The Life And Legacy Of An Innovator

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The Lisa

The Lisa was born in 1982, with a retail cost of nearly $10,000, and then revised in 1984, with prices ranging from $3,500 to $5,500. The Lisa was supposed to be an upgrade of the Apple II, but the size of both the physical machine and the price tag scared away most buyers. The computer, which featured cooperative multi-tasking and virtual memory, was ahead of its time. It was the second commercially available computer, after the Xerox Star, to have a mouse-driven graphical user interface (GUI). The Lisa 2 saw the debut of the 3.5-in disk in Apple computers.

The Lisa was likely named for Jobs' daughter, born four years earlier. However, Apple said the name stood for Local Integrated Software Architecture, although the original documentation did not indicate "Lisa" was an acronym.

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