Steve Jobs: The Life And Legacy Of An Innovator

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The Macintosh

Jobs took what he learned from the Lisas and in 1984 released the Macintosh. (Wosniak was away from the company from 1981 to 1983 recovering from a private plane crash.) The Macintosh was an all-in-one desktop computer that featured a graphical interface and a mouse. It sported a Motorola 6800 processor and originally had 128K of RAM, upgraded promptly to 512K. The 9-inch monochrome screen displayed a resolution of 512x342 pixels. Goodbye text based computing: No longer did users type words into a command field to get the computer to do something -- the Mac had the first successful implementation of a GUI.

The Macintosh was announced in a $1.5 million commercial directed by Ridley Scott, which aired during Super Bowl XVIII in January 1984.

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